Summer Game Fest 2024 Highlights

The biggest reveals and updates including new releases, expansions, and trailers.

Summer Game Fest 2024, the much-anticipated successor to E3, has once again delivered a thrilling array of game reveals and updates. Hosted by Geoff Keighley, this year’s event showcased a diverse lineup of games catering to all types of gamers, from RPG enthusiasts to fans of survival-horror and indie gems. Let’s dive into the major announcements, sorted by new releases, fresh content, and exciting expansions.

New Releases at Summer Game Fest 2024

Lego Horizon Adventures

The rumors are true! Lego Horizon Adventures is coming to PS5, PC, and Switch later this year. With Ashley Burch reprising her role and the quirky inclusion of a hot dog man, this game is set to blend adventure with classic Lego humor.

No More Room In Hell 2

Fans of intense co-op experiences, rejoice! The sequel to the underrated Left 4 Dead-like game brings back eight-player co-op with increased difficulty. Brace yourself for the chaos.

Harry Potter Quidditch Champions

Get ready to mount your broomsticks! Harry Potter Quidditch Champions is set for a September release, letting players compete in the beloved wizarding sport online.


Imagine Shawshank Redemption with a Nickelodeon twist. Cuffbust, a cartoonish co-op prison break game created by a solo developer, is coming soon to bring some playful escapism to your gaming library.

Star Wars Outlaws

Ubisoft’s expansive Star Wars game is set to release this year. The latest trailer took us on a planet-hopping journey, showcasing both familiar and new locales in the galaxy far, far away.


From the creators of Gris, Neva is a 2D adventure game poised to tug at your heartstrings. Prepare for an emotional journey when it launches later this year.

Methaphor: ReFantazio

From the makers of the Persona series, Methaphor: ReFantazio promises to be the next big thing for RPG fans. Set to release in October, this game features similar art direction and gameplay elements that will feel familiar yet fresh.

Batman: Arkham Shadow

The Batman Arkham series continues with Batman: Arkham Shadow, a VR-exclusive title introducing a new villain, The Rat King. The Smashing Pumpkins cover in the trailer adds an extra layer of atmosphere to this dark tale.

Tears of Metal

Dive into historical fiction with Tears of Metal, a co-op hack-and-slash roguelite game. Its distinct art style and intense combat will have you defending your homeland against relentless waves of enemies.

New Content and Expansions

Delta Force: Hawk Ops

This co-op extraction shooter surprised fans with a reveal of a single-player campaign, recreating moments from the movie Black Hawk Down. Look forward to tactical gameplay and immersive storytelling.

Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves

The iconic fighting game series returns with new fighters, including the soon-to-be fan-favorite, B. Jenet. Get ready to brawl in this revival of a classic.

Blumhouse Games Sizzle Reel

Blumhouse Games, known for their horror movies, showcased a sizzle reel featuring several upcoming titles. Among the teasers was a new Five Nights at Freddy’s game, sparking excitement among horror fans.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Rita’s Rewind

The Power Rangers are back in a retro-stylized beat-em-up that occasionally shifts to a first-person perspective. This unique twist on the classic franchise promises nostalgic fun.


A major expansion is coming to Palworld, introducing a new region, new Pals, and much more. This Pokémon-like game continues to evolve, offering players even more to explore and collect.

Upcoming Releases and Trailers


EA’s revival of Skate is looking promising. With console playtesting set for this fall, fans won’t have to wait long to experience the next iteration of this beloved skating game.


Riot’s tactical FPS, Valorant, is making its way to consoles with a beta launching on June 14. The new trailer highlights the game’s core tactical gameplay, setting the stage for its console debut.

Monster Hunter Wilds

The next installment in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Wilds, is set to launch in 2025. A new trailer provided a big look at the game, with more news promised at Gamescom this August.

Phantom Blade Zero

Closing out the show was Phantom Blade Zero, with a trailer showcasing its fast-paced combat reminiscent of Sekiro. This game is sure to be on every action RPG fan’s radar.

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