Xbox Games Showcase 2024: Surprises and Epic Reveals

Dive into the biggest reveals and unexpected surprises

The Xbox Games Showcase 2024, held on June 9th, has concluded, leaving gamers around the globe buzzing with excitement. This year’s showcase was one of Microsoft’s most impressive lineups, featuring both highly anticipated titles and unexpected gems. From the return of iconic franchises to intriguing new IPs, let’s dive into the highlights that made this event unforgettable.

Major Game Announcements

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle

Indiana Jones is back in action, set to release in 2024. The new trailer promises a thrilling adventure between the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade. Expect ancient ruins, secret mysteries, and lots of Nazi punching!

Doom: The Dark Ages (2025)

Doom Slayer returns in a medieval prequel! This time, he’s armed with a powerful shield to combat the forces of Hell. Get ready for fast-paced action and a deep dive into Doom Slayer’s origins.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6

Launching on October 25, 2024, this installment is set in the ’90s, featuring a spy action thriller vibe. With 16 new multiplayer maps and the return of the Zombie mode, it’s sure to be a hit.


Coming out later this year, Avowed’s new trailer focused on Giatta, one of four companions, as players explore the frontier and combat the Dreamscourge.

Perfect Dark

Joanna Dark returns in this surprise reveal. The gameplay trailer showcases espionage mixed with intense gunfights as she tracks down the world’s most wanted criminal.

Gears of War: E-Day

Set 14 years before the original game, Gears of War: E-Day delves into the emergence of the Locust Horde. Marcus Fenix leads the charge in this gritty and intense prequel.

South of Midnight (2025)

This third-person action game is set in a Southern Gothic world where reality and fantasy collide. Follow Hazel’s journey through the devastated town of Prospero post-hurricane.

Fable (2025)

A whimsical return to Albion with choices that have lasting consequences. Expect magic, monsters, and cheeky humor in this much-anticipated RPG.

Exciting Expansions and Updates

Starfield: The Shattered Space

The new expansion takes players to House Va’Ruun’s hidden homeworld, investigating a cosmic threat with new weapons and gear.

Fallout 76

On June 12, players can explore Skyline Valley and discover Vault 63’s secrets. Plus, a new Ghoul play mode is coming in 2025.

Diablo 4: Vessel of Hatred

The next chapter in Diablo 4 launches on October 8, taking players to the lush jungles of Nahantu.

World of Warcraft: The War Within

Launching on August 26, this expansion marks a new saga in the World of Warcraft universe.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024

Taking off on November 19, this edition promises a more diverse and detailed fleet of aircraft and a stunningly recreated planet.

Upcoming Indie and Third-Party Titles

Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 (2025)

A turn-based RPG where players lead an expedition to destroy the Paintress and save humanity.

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn (July 18, 2024)

A Souls-like game with explosive magic and gunpowder, battling vengeful gods and their undead armies.

Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater

A remake of the PS2 classic with enhanced graphics and audio, while retaining the original story and survival elements.

Assassin’s Creed Shadows

Set in feudal Japan, the first gameplay trailer highlights Yasuke the samurai and Naoe the ninja in this beautiful yet deadly world.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure (October 2024)

Max Caulfield returns to unravel her best friend’s murder using her timeline-shifting powers. The first two chapters drop on October 15.

Sea of Thieves

Season 13, launching July 25, introduces ships with flamethrowers and lets players sail the infamous Flameheart’s Burning Blade.

Mixtape (2025)

A nostalgic journey with a soundtrack from legendary artists. Follow three friends on their last high school adventure.


Set in a fictional quarantine zone inspired by Cold War paranoia, this game mixes folk horror and classic British sci-fi.

Winter Burrow

A cozy game where you play as a mouse, turning a broken-down tree stump into a winter refuge.

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What Did You Think?

The Xbox Games Showcase 2024 was packed with exciting reveals and trailers. From big hitters like Doom: The Dark Ages to charming indie titles like Winter Burrow, there’s something for everyone. What was your favorite announcement? Which game are you most excited to play? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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