Gone Viral



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After the apocalypse, life continues - in a world full of mutants, warbots, and horrible opportunities for death everywhere. 

There's an audience now watching REAL bloodsports - and you are a gladiator battling your way free from a prison arena for their amusement.

Your key to freedom?  Earn the admiration of this bloodthirsty crowd.

Win over viewers with crazy combos, earning strands of the Mutation Virus.  Slaughtering with style generates the carnage needed to Go Viral


Gone Viral is an over-the-top randomly generated action melee/shooter with heavy roguelike elements, coming to Early Access soon.  Unlock scores of mutations and weapons that fundamentally change your gameplay, doubling down on unique synergies and combinations of powers for a deep and deadly rogue-lite experience.

  • Pinball Combat: Weaponize your enemies by walloping 'em into other combatants and deathtraps to REALLY get fans excited. Is it a shooter or a melee game if you're using bad guys as projectiles?

  • Kill with Skill: Crazy combos earn the carnage your unhinged viewers love. They'll send you creatively deadly weapons, oddball gadgets, and strands of the Mutation Virus.

  • Go Viral: Mutations alter you and your attacks in fundamental, combinatorial ways. Every arena run and every near-inevitable death can be a unique experience.

Put the MUTATE in MUTILATE and the GORY in GLORY!