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3.31.2019 - THE SHOW

A new patch is up! There’s all sorts of stuff in there:

The 4th floor in particular is worth a look-see. This is The Show - a very different styled level with a single rolling bossfight against a new boss - The Champ.

The Champ is kinda like you…but bigger, tougher, and meaner. He combines a number of powers that should look quite familiar - able to use weapons and mutations very like the ones you might find yourself in the arena!

These are a few things we’d like to double down on in future content. Having radically different level generation algorithms so every floor doesn’t feel same-y as you get deeper is something we’ll experiment with.

Also, the power of how things are designed can let the same synergies you see as a player affect NPCs as well. You can already see some of that with the way that each level has a special ability added to the bad guys (+speed, +armor, etc.) and these add up as you go up levels to the final boss.

After all, hitting level 4 with a boss with 4 attack/movement speed buffs on him is quite different than the same boss with a bunch of Brute style upgrades - crawling around but hitting like a truck!

Additionally in the new patch, you’ll find a number of new mutations, achievements, and smaller features - of course! See the patch notes for full details.

Going forward, we’re working now in a number of other areas - seeking artists to finalize the art on the game in various areas, tuning and tweaking while preparing for full closed beta, and continuing to add rooms, NPCs, and mutations and maintaining some form of sanity in the process. Luckily, that last one isn’t prioritized as highly as the other bits.

Feel free to ask questions in our discord - we’re always happy for feedback!