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8.10.2018  -  LET'S GET PHYSICAL!


Tons going on!  Two of the things we really enjoy in Gone Viral are:

  1. Physics!  We want it to feel good pushing/smashing/knocking stuff around, whether it be baddies, boulders, or bouncy balls.
  2. Slaughtering players!  Especially with traps.  And, of course, letting smart players kill enemies with traps then dropping in goodies to reward such stylish kills!

So we've been really doubling down with spinning rooms full of rolling spikeballs and tuning the physics behind knocking lit barrels into baddies.  We've been making a ton of new content as well, including pushing, spinning, jumping, breaking stuff type rooms as occasional breathers from combat or, on deeper levels, with deadly combat in them as well!

Physics - just one of many ways to kill or be killed.

As part of all that, we've been improving how stylish moves work.  You'll notice some new call-outs when you pull off cool moves, and new rewards being delivered as the audience gets excited!

Another great thing:  We'll be at PAX West in Seattle on August 31st and September 1st, partnered with the Indie Megabooth!

Our main goal is to try to get hundreds of people playing the game, ask 'em tons of questions about what they like and don't, and take endless notes!  It's always fun getting folks who aren't your literal friends and family in the game, and this will be the first time we've done that for Gone Viral - we're SO EXCITED!

And SO BUSY!  Crunch time is on so we can have as much polish as possible in by then.  So a special thanks to the aforementioned friends and family for helping us test in advance of PAX!

We're having a great time working on Gone Viral and can't for y'all to get a chance to play it yourselves.  Thanks for reading!