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6.18.2018  -  MULTISHOT'S GOT SOUL

Lots of progress in the last few weeks!

The creature train continues with Chris and Doug moving all sorts of new baddies in, and I've been neck-deep in the tutorial system.  As those of you in game development know, it always takes a ton of tweaking and custom code to do a tutorial well.

And of course, we continue with new rooms and content.  We thought we'd highlight a recent improvement to Multishot in particular.

Walloping enemies around is basically another way to do long range damage for us.  The viewers love it when you rack up pinball hits and kills by smashing baddies into other baddies and so our mutations (passive improvements to your combat abilities) will often affect what happens when you wallop creatures as well as when you shoot projectiles.

With multishot we got to thinking - "Boy, it is cool when you start firing around a bunch of projectiles, but what impact should it have on melee?"  After all, other mutations like Bomber affect both.  Well, what if it let you smack creatures so hard it knocks their soul right out of em and into other creatures for more damage?  The result:

Multishot working in melee as well as projectile combat

We're still cranking away and gearing up for the next round of testing, so thanks for keeping an eye on us!