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The Wormbot putting the "cute" in "acute bugphobia"

As y'all know, we've been pouring new creatures and artwork into the game, so we thought we'd show a little test of segmented creatures (temp art, work in process, etc.). For us these are especially funky because they need to work well with the physics of wallops and harpoons as those are a fundamental part of combat for us.

If you break 'em in two, they need to figure out how to survive in their new formation. Each segment is a little animated creature trying to keep its place in line relative to the segment ahead of them and when one dies, the segment behind it steps up, becomes a new head, and keeps on trucking.

With that in mind, check out our little physics/combat testing of the segmented wormbot - so cute! And so deadly! Well, not now. After we add in the attacks. We're thinking turret guns along the length. Muahaha!