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Howdy, viralites!

We’ve been busy little Skullbeavers since PAX - tons to cover!

We’ve been adding a ton of new content across the board. We’ve focused first on adding more of the ingredients that gives combat the Special Sauce we enjoy - fast-paced, physical combat that rewards you pulling off a ton of special moves.

So this has meant adding new monsters, tweaking old ones, and adding in new deadly traps that will kill you if you aren’t careful but reward you if you use ‘em on your enemies.

Death by...Bouncywall?

The other thing we’ve focused on is a major UI overhaul - really trying to nail down the feel of being an arena streamer pulling off cool moves for the fans. So we now introduce you via an announcer, start you on the broadcast set (you are after all on the SlaughterStream GONE VIRAL!), and are trying to make it as clear as possible what you need to do to rack up cool fans for cool rewards. (hint - kill stuff in ways that give loads of Carnage!)

And our evil plan continues! With the help of our Friends and Family testers we’re working up towards being able to do Closed Beta (oooh) - with an eventual Early Access (ahhh).

So our focus right now:

  1. Keep iterating the game core loop to be as fun as possible!

  2. Make sure the streamer/modern SmashTVlike feel comes across well

  3. Add more building blocks of traps, room contents, mutations, etc that hamper or help you in fun ways

  4. Generate tons of rooms using those blocks that kill you.